We help people with IBS-related symptoms feel much better. Very conveniently and affordably.

Azia’s MD-led IBS Health Service uses only evidence-based whole body therapies and practices. We help improve your IBS symptoms and give you the health outcome you want.

You have IBS-related symptoms. You may be taking medication, but there’s much more you can do to feel better. That’s where we come in.

Azia’s IBS Health Service includes: unlimited professional guidance from a MD-led multidisciplinary team, comprehensive instructional and educational content and social support from a community of peers.  Our personalized care pathways make it easy to find and use the whole body approaches that work best for your IBS symptoms.

We know it can be hard to self-manage your IBS symptoms. There’s dietary counseling, office visits, endless online searches, therapy, changing research, group classes, blogs, books and more.

Azia makes it easier. More effective. And saves you a lot of money.

“I was told about your IBS service by my doctor…the instructional videos, podcasts and quick answers from your psychologists and dietitians are awesome. My symptom scores are going down and my spirits are going up.” – Lisa (Buffalo)

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