Bringing complementary care to everyone

We founded Azia Health to bring the power of evidence-based complementary health care to people with diagnosed medical conditions, no matter their location or socio-economic status. To do this, we developed digital health programs that are easy-to-use, comprehensive, engaging, empowering, and effective.

With decades of combined experience in digital health, conventional medicine, multidisciplinary complementary health care, integrative medicine, and business operations, our leadership team shares a passion for helping people with some of the most common medical conditions feel better and improve their health outcomes.

The Azia Health Leadership Team

Jonathan Epstein
Founder and CEO
Jonathan brings more than a decade of experience working in telehealth and telemedicine. As the Co-Founder of Tx Xchange (now Telespine), Jonathan developed and delivered digital health programs and services to over 100,000 consumers and led successful study with United Healthcare which proved the clinical and cost efficacy of a digital health program for low back pain. A former professional tennis player, Jonathan has three daughters and lives just outside of Boulder, CO.

Lisa Corbin, MD
Advisory Board
Board certified in Internal Medicine, Lisa has been the Medical Director of The Center for Integrative Medicine at the UC Health since its founding in 2001. Lisa is a nationally recognized integrative researcher and practicing physician. She serves on the Board of the AlterMed Research Foundation and as a Member on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee, which reports to the Department of HHS. Lisa leads a very active Colorado lifestyle and lives with her 3 daughters in Denver, CO.

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