Guided, multi-disciplinary care using the latest research

Multi-Disciplinary Care

Each program includes three complementary disciplines because the research shows a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosed medical conditions enables better health outcomes.

HealthyCare Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition / Diet

HealthyCare Exercise

Exercise / Movement

HealthyCare Mind / Body

Mind / Body

Because we all get tired of doing the same thing over and over, a multi-disciplinary approach also gives you choices depending on your interests or motivation on any given day. Don’t feel like walking today? No problem, try a short meditation practice instead to lower your stress levels and reduce fatigue or pain.

The Feel Better Framework

Azia’s Feel Better Framework is part of every one of our digital health programs. The Framework consists of three stages and is meant to provide a guided, accommodative path forward to help you adopt new habits and achieve behavior change to reduce the symptoms associated with your condition.

Mastery Stage

Advanced Instruction and Ingraining of Behavior Change

Application Stage

Emphasis on Instruction and Adopting New Habits

Foundation Stage

Base Learning and Learning New Habits

The Feel Better Framework doesn’t put you on a rigid schedule that conflicts with your already busy life. You can start at the stage that’s right for you, move forward at the pace you want, or go back to any previous stage whenever you want. Over time, if there are therapies where you could be focusing on a bit more to achieve better results, we’ll make suggestions.

Research-Based Programs

Azia Health spends thousands of hours integrating a wide variety of research into our digital health programs. Using a combination of published research, consensus opinion and accepted practice guidelines, our programs include only safe and effective complementary care-based therapies.

Azia’s proprietary Strength of Recommendation (SoR) Scale then makes it easy for you to decide which therapy or practice to try by distilling all of our work down into three simple recommendations:

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