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Condition-specific Programs

Azia’s multi-disciplinary programs are designed for specific medical conditions and their difficult symptoms. They are not general “wellness” programs that offer vague benefits.

Diverse, Engaging Content

Each digital health program includes high quality educational and instructional videos and podcasts, articles, recipes, meal and exercise plans, new habit best practices, personalized reminders, and progress tracking.

Integrative Healthcare Team

Each program is developed an integrative healthcare team including: medical doctors, psychologists, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, certified MBSR teachers, and yoga instructors.

Q&A with Professionals

Each week, your questions get answered by the same integrative healthcare team that developed your digital health program. No appointments. No driving.

Very Affordable

With office-based care, a $30 copay usually gets you 10-45 minutes with a healthcare provider. For less than that, you get 30 days of Azia Health.

Community Forum

Each program includes a community forum where you can connect with other people who have been diagnosed with the same condition, share ideas, get advice, and learn what works best.

Easy to Understand

Our digital health programs are easy to understand and simple to use. We know the last thing you need is more confusion when trying to feel better.


All of our programs are based on a combination of published research, accepted practice guidelines, and expert consensus opinion.


Research shows the superior effectiveness of using a multi-disciplinary care approach, like Azia’s, to treat your medical condition and its symptoms.

“Once I got diagnosed with IBS, it was difficult to manage everything I needed to do to take care of myself….Azia made things much simpler and less frustrating.” – Julie M., Colorado

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