Easily facilitate better patient self-management

Azia’s complementary care-based digital health programs deliver clinical and financial results for your practice.

Each evidence-based, multi-disciplinary program is available on any smartphone, tablet or computer to significantly improve patient self-management between office visits with you.

Satisfy Increasing Patient Expectations

Your patients want to be better enabled and empowered between office visits with you. Paper handouts, some YouTube videos, and headful of verbal instructions no longer cuts it. By suggesting Azia’s evidence-based digital health programs, you can satisfy their desire for an easy, engaging, and empowering solution that significantly improves their ability to help themselves.

Designed for Busy Practices

Just like any other recommendation you make, Azia’s programs are suggested to your patients for them to look into further on their own. It’s that simple.

  • No change to your clinical workflow
  • No new technology to learn
  • No payer involvement
  • No new codes or billing activities
  • Nothing to buy or install

Benefits of Working with Azia Health

  • Better outcomes are correlated with increased patient self-management
  • Make office visits more efficient and productive
  • Facilitate a higher level of service with no additional effort
  • Strengthen patient (i.e. customer) relationships
  • Increase practice income through affiliate revenue share
  • Receive free program subscriptions to give to patients with financial need