Your IBS care just got a lot more…


There’s a seemingly infinite amount of information online. What’s accurate? What works best for you? What’s safe? How do you develop a personalized treatment plan?

Our team of licensed healthcare providers have spent thousands of hours curating the latest research to develop a digital health service designed for your IBS – so you can focus on getting better.


With office-based care, what keeps you motivated? A paper handout? Some emailed tips? What helps you stay on track?

Our interactive online service monitors your participation to selectively remind and encourage you to stay engaged, helping ensure you see an improvement in your IBS symptoms.


Doctor visits, mental health therapy, nutritional counseling, group classes, books and seminars can cost thousands of dollar annually. Time off of work and childcare can further add to those expenses.

For less than $20 (or less than the price of a single office visit), Azia Health provides 30 days of unlimited IBS care from a MD-team of healthcare professionals – saving you hundreds of dollars every month.


Scheduling and driving to appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and going to group classes makes already overburdened schedules even more challenging.

Azia’s IBS health service can be accessed when and where you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer – making healthcare much more convenient and saving you a ton of time.

“I was trying to work with a nutritionist and had started to see a therapist, but it was getting too expensive. I appreciate all Azia Health offers at a very affordable price” – Jen M., Littleton

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